Britain's Strongest Man

# of Contests: 34
Years: 1979-2024

All Britain's Strongest Man Competitions
Date Contest Div. Location 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2024-01-27 2024 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Sheffield, England Tom Stoltman Gavin Bilton Luke Stoltman
2023-01-28 2023 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Sheffield, England Adam Bishop Gavin Bilton Graham Hicks
2022-02-26 2022 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Sheffield, England Tom Stoltman Pa O'Dwyer Adam Bishop
2021-10-23 2021 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Sheffield, England Tom Stoltman Adam Bishop Graham Hicks
2020-01-18 2020 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Sheffield, England Adam Bishop Tom Stoltman Luke Stoltman
2019-01-19 2019 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Sheffield, England Graham Hicks Adam Bishop Tom Stoltman
2018-01-27 2018 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Sheffield, England Eddie Hall Graham Hicks Terry Hollands
2017-01-28 2017 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Doncaster, England Eddie Hall Laurence Shahlaei Graham Hicks
2016-01-30 2016 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Doncaster, England Eddie Hall Mark Felix Laurence Shahlaei
2015-02-14 2015 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Doncaster, England Eddie Hall Mark Felix Krzysztof Radzikowski
2014-03-15 2014 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Doncaster, England Eddie Hall Graham Hicks Laurence Shahlaei
2013-08-03 2013 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Gateshead, England Laurence Shahlaei Jerry Pritchett Terry Hollands
2012-05-26 2012 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Colchester, England Laurence Shahlaei Terry Hollands Chris Gearing
2008-06-12 2008 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Minehead, England Jimmy Marku Terry Hollands Mark Felix
2007-06-29 2007 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Minehead, England Terry Hollands Mark Felix Darren Sadler
2006-08-26 2006 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Douglas, Isle of Man Oliver Thompson Mark Felix Terry Hollands
2005-06-12 2005 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Dudley, England Mick Gosling Carl Waitoa Adrian Rollinson
2004-05-11 2004 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Minehead, England Richard Gosling Adrian Rollinson Oliver Thompson
2003-05-13 2003 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Scarborough, England Richard Gosling Gregor Edmunds Glenn Ross
2000 2000 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Alton, England Glenn Ross Steve Brooks Brian Bell
1997 1997 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Rob Dixon Glenn Ross Gary Taylor
1986 1986 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Epping Forest, England Peter Tancred Peter Davis Joe Walker
1982 1982 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Brighton, England Richard Slaney Hamish Davidson Andy Drzewiecki
1979 1979 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Woking, England Geoff Capes Bill Anderson Jim Whitehead
2001 2001 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Minehead, England Glenn Ross Rob Dixon Adrian Rollinson
1998 1998 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Jamie Reeves Russ Bradley Glenn Ross
1988 1988 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Tadcaster, England Jamie Reeves Mark Higgins Peter Tregloan
1983 1983 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Nottingham, England Geoff Capes Jack Hynd John Burns
1980 1980 Britain's Strongest ManOpen London, England Richard Slaney Jack Hynd Steve Zetolofsky
2002 2002 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Criccieth, Wales Marc Iliffe Gregor Edmunds Bill Pittuck
1999 1999 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Alton, England Glenn Ross Steve Brooks Jamie Barr
1995 1995 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Gateshead, England Forbes Cowan Gary Taylor Jamie Barr
1984 1984 Britain's Strongest ManOpen Telford, England Allan Crossley Peter Tancred Peter Welch
1981 1981 Britain's Strongest ManOpen London, England Geoff Capes Hamish Davidson Richard Slaney

All Britain's Strongest Man Athletes
Search Name Last Name First Name Country Active Appearances Wins
Alexander Adrian Alexander Adrian GBR1980-198010
Anderson Bill Anderson Bill GBR1979-197910
Anderson Grant Anderson Grant GBR1979-198710
Barr Jamie Barr Jamie GBR1995-200140
Bell Brian Bell Brian GBR1990-200150
Bennett Ryan Bennett Ryan GBR2022-202310
Best Nick Best Nick USA2006-202010
Bilton Gavin Bilton Gavin GBR2019-202420
Bishop Adam Bishop Adam GBR2014-2024102
Black Andy Black Andy GBR2021-202430
Black Chris Black Chris GBR1983-198710
Blumstein Michael Blumstein Michael GER2014-201510
Bolt Dean Bolt Dean GBR2003-200520
Bolton Andy Bolton Andy GBR1994-201510
Bowers Lee Bowers Lee GBR1998-200520
Bradley Russ Bradley Russ GBR1996-200020
Brooks Steve Brooks Steve GBR1999-200640
Broomfield Carl Broomfield Carl GBR2003-200310
Brown Mike Brown Mike GBR1984-198410
Brunning Ben Badger Brunning Ben GBR2018-202030
Bryce Colin Bryce Colin GBR1999-199910
Burns John Burns John GBR1983-198310
Capes Geoff Capes Geoff GBR1979-198833
Carnegie Errol Carnegie Errol GBR1982-198210
Cherry Steve Cherry Steve GBR2012-201210
Christie Ray Christie Ray GBR2005-200620
Cowan Forbes Cowan Forbes GBR1990-200321
Crossley Allan Crossley Allan GBR1980-198431
Curletto Alex Curletto Alex ITA2010-201520
Curran Conor Curran Conor GBR2023-202410
Davidson Bob Davidson Bob GBR1980-198010
Davidson Hamish Davidson Hamish GBR1981-198620
Davis Peter Davis Peter GBR1986-198820
Dixon Rob Dixon Rob GBR1997-200131
Downey Michael Downey Michael IRL2019-201910
Drew Bryan Drew Bryan GBR1980-198010
Drzewiecki Andy Drzewiecki Andy GBR1979-198220
Edmunds Gregor Edmunds Gregor GBR2002-200320
Ellwood Eddy Ellwood Eddy GBR2003-200830
England Ryan England Ryan GBR2018-202220
Felix Mark Felix Mark GBR2004-2024160
Fennelly James Fennelly James IRL2008-201310
Flowers Shane Flowers Shane GBR2021-202440
Frampton Rob Frampton Rob GBR2005-201640
Francis Kane Francis Kane GBR2022-202420
Fullbrook Luke Fullbrook Luke GBR2017-201710
Fullerton Rodney Fullerton Rodney GBR2004-200510
Gahan Desmond Gahan Desmond GBR2018-202220
Gardner Gary Gardner Gary GBR2010-201910
Garmston George Garmston George GBR1988-199010
Gearing Chris Gearing Chris GBR2012-201510
Gillen Sean Gillen Sean AUS2022-202410
Gonzales Fredy El Gigante Gonzáles Fredy ESP2016-201610
Gordon Peter Gordon Peter GBR1983-198310
Gosling Mick Gosling Mick GBR2002-200521
Gosling Richard Gosling Richard GBR2003-200532
Gracia Daniel Gracia Daniel GIB2012-201710
Graham Eoin Graham Eoin IRL2012-201310
Groom Cillein Groom Cilléin IRL2022-202310
Guidi Marco Guidi Marco ITA2014-201610
Hall Eddie The Beast Hall Eddie GBR2012-201875
Haynes Paddy Haynes Paddy GBR2023-202410
Hicks Graham Hixxy Hicks Graham GBR2012-202491
Higgins Mark Higgins Mark GBR1986-199010
Hollands Terry Big Tel Hollands Terry GBR2005-2021101
Hughes Jay Hughes Jay GBR2007-201220
Hyland Spencer Hyland Spencer GBR2004-200510
Hynd Jack Hynd Jack GBR1980-198430
Iliffe Marc Iliffe Marc GBR2001-200221
Innes Chris Innes Chris GBR2007-200710
Irwin Brian Irwin Brian GBR2005-201540
Jack Louis Jack Louis GBR2020-202310
Jeanes Mark Jeanes Mark GBR2015-202010
Johnston Simon Johnston Simon GBR2012-201430
Kay Mal Kay Mal GBR2000-200220
Kelly Jonathan Kelly Jonathan IRL2014-201910
Kelsey Ben Kelsey Ben GBR2013-201510
Killingback Tosher Killingback Tosher GBR1979-197910
Larsen Kevin Larsen Kevin NOR2010-201410
Lawson Mark Lawson Mark GBR2005-200620
Little Billy Little Billy GBR2005-200510
Lupton Paul Lupton Paul GBR1988-198810
Maher Keith Maher Keith IRL2012-201210
Marku Jimmy Marku Jimmy GBR2006-201031
Martin Christian Martin Christian ARG2005-200510
McElroy Daniel McElroy Daniel IRL2018-201810
McIntosh Jack McIntosh Jack GBR2011-201310
McLatchie Marvin McLatchie Marvin GBR1981-198110
McNaghten Chris McNaghten Chris GBR2012-201210
Mullins Graham Mullins Graham GBR1999-200020
Muluzi Zake The Malawian Monster Muluzi Zake GBR2019-202310
Murray Stuart Murray Stuart GBR1995-201150
Nobile Ray Nobile Ray GBR1979-198420
Nowicki Ken Nowicki Ken GBR2012-201820
O'Dwyer Pa O'Dwyer Pa IRL2014-202450
Oberst Robert The American Monster Oberst Robert USA2012-202110
Page Aaron The Rage Page Aaron GBR2015-202030
Pittuck Bill Pittuck Bill GBR1990-201760
Pollock John Pollock John GBR2016-202010
Porteous Paul Porteous Paul GBR2003-200420
Prince Sulby Prince Sulby GBR1982-198210
Pritchett Jerry Iron Outlaw Pritchett Jerry USA2010-202210
Radzikowski Krzysztof Radzikowski Krzysztof POL2005-201910
Randall John Randall John GBR1980-198010
Raynes Andrew Stumpy Raynes Andrew GBR2000-200540
Reeves Jamie Reeves Jamie GBR1988-199932
Rein Oyvind Rein Øyvind NOR2012-201410
Renals Lloyd Renals Lloyd GBR2013-201420
Richardson Luke Richardson Luke GBR2019-202310
Roach Pat Roach Pat GBR1979-197910
Roberts Phil Roberts Phil GBR2016-202020
Rollinson Adrian Rollinson Adrian GBR2000-200550
Ross Glenn The Daddy Ross Glenn GBR1997-201173
Sadler Darren Sadler Darren GBR2004-201640
Sedge John Sedge John GBR1981-198220
Shahlaei Laurence Big Loz Shahlaei Laurence GBR2007-202182
Shaw Tom Shaw Tom GBR2012-201510
Slaney Richard Slaney Richard GBR1980-198232
Smith Paul Smith Paul GBR2016-202480
Smith Richard Smith Richard GBR2009-201210
Snook Laine Snook Laine GBR2001-200110
Steele Mark Steele Mark GBR2017-202250
Stoltman Luke The Highland Oak Stoltman Luke GBR2013-2024110
Stoltman Tom The Albatross Stoltman Tom GBR2016-202473
Tancred Peter Tancred Peter GBR1981-198631
Taylor Alan Taylor Alan GBR1982-198210
Taylor Gary Taylor Gary GBR1990-199720
Taylor Simon Taylor Simon GBR1984-198410
Thompson Oliver Thompson Oliver GBR2004-200831
Townsend Adam Townsend Adam GBR2005-200810
Tranter Fraser Tranter Fraser GBR1996-200020
Tregloan Peter Tregloan Peter GBR1986-199010
Turner Brian Turner Brian GBR2004-200810
Waitoa Carl Waitoa Carl NZL2005-200710
Walker Joe Walker Joe GBR1986-198610
Warner David Warner David GBR2002-200910
Welch Peter Welch Peter GBR1982-198430
Westaby Mark Westaby Mark GBR2005-201020
Whitehead Jim Whitehead Jim GBR1979-197910
Windebank Garry Windebank Garry GBR1981-198110
Zetolofsky Steve Zetolofsky Steve GBR1980-198440