Date Contest Location Champion
2021-11-28 2021 Africa's Strongest ManMossel Bay, South Africa Thobelani Mabaso
2021-11-28 2021 Africa's Strongest WomanMossel Bay, South Africa Faith Aviwe Totiyana
2021-11-20 2021 Sweden's Strongest ManÄlmhult, Sweden Marcus Yngvesson
2021-11-20 2021 Magnús Ver Magnússon Strongman ClassicIceland Maxime Boudreault
2021-11-14 2021 SCL World FinalsAlanya, Turkey Kelvin de Ruiter
Date Contest Location
2021-12-11 2021 Russia's Strongest ManMoscow, Russia
2021-12-11 2021 Russia's Strongest WomanMoscow, Russia
2022-02-26 2022 Britain's Strongest ManSheffield, England
2022-03-05 2022 Arnold Strongman ClassicColumbus, Ohio
2022-03-05 2022 Arnold Pro StrongwomanColumbus, Ohio

Latest News
2021-11-01 Martins Licis is Back in a Major Way
2021-10-23 A Dominant BSM Win for Tom Stoltman
2021-10-14 Travis Ortmayer Conquers the World's Strongest Quiz Show
2021-10-03 Two Ties at the Top in First Ever Arnold UK
2021-09-18 A Wild Finish at the Giants Live World Tour Finals

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