Rogue Invitational

# of Contests: 3
Years: 2021-2024

All Rogue Invitational Competitions
Date Contest Div. Location 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2023-10-28 2023 Rogue InvitationalOpen Round Rock, Texas Mitchell Hooper Tom Stoltman Mateusz Kieliszkowski
2022-10-29 2022 Rogue InvitationalOpen Round Rock, Texas Oleksii Novikov Trey Mitchell Mitchell Hooper
2021-10-30 2021 Rogue InvitationalOpen Round Rock, Texas Martins Licis Tom Stoltman Oleksii Novikov

All Rogue Invitational Athletes
Search Name Last Name First Name Country Active Appearances Wins
Boudreault Maxime Boudreault Maxime CAN2013-202420
Caron Jean-François Caron Jean-François CAN2007-202310
Evans Thomas Evans Thomas USA2021-202410
Faires Kevin Faires Kevin USA2016-202410
Hooper Mitchell The Moose Hooper Mitchell CAN2022-202421
Ingolfsson Melsted Eythor Ingólfsson Melsted Eythór ISL2018-202310
Kearney Rob Kearney Rob USA2015-202420
Kieliszkowski Mateusz Kieliszkowski Mateusz POL2014-202420
Licis Martins Licis Martins USA2015-202421
Mitchell Trey Mitchell Trey USA2016-202420
Nakonechnyy Pavlo Wide Pavlo Nakonechnyy Pavlo UKR2019-202310
Novikov Oleksii Novikov Oleksii UKR2016-202431
Pritchett Jerry Iron Outlaw Pritchett Jerry USA2010-202210
Shaw Brian Shaw Brian USA2007-202310
Shivlyakov Mikhail Shivlyakov Mikhail RUS2011-202110
Singleton Evan T-Rex Singleton Evan USA2018-202410
Stoltman Luke The Highland Oak Stoltman Luke GBR2013-202420
Stoltman Tom The Albatross Stoltman Tom GBR2016-202420
Thompson Bobby The American Nightmare Thompson Bobby USA2018-202420