Official Strongman

# of Contests: 4
Years: 2017-2021

All Official Strongman Competitions
Date Contest Location 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2021-11-14 2021 Official Strongman GamesDaytona Beach, Florida Pavlo Kordiyaka Spenser Remick Tyler Cotton
2019-11-03 2019 Official Strongman GamesDaytona Beach, Florida Luke Richardson Ben Brunning Jacob Fincher
2018-12-09 2018 Official Strongman GamesRaleigh, North Carolina Andrew Clayton Wesley Claborn Bobby Thompson
2017-12-16 2017 Official Strongman GamesRaleigh, North Carolina Trey Mitchell Kevin Faires Spenser Remick

All Official Strongman Athletes
Search Name Last Name First Name Country Active Appearances Wins
Berezhnyk Denis Berezhnyk Denis UKR2019-202110
Brunning Ben Badger Brunning Ben GBR2018-202010
Buck Tim Buck Tim USA2021-202110
Carradine Stan Carradine Stan USA2014-202110
Claborn Wesley Claborn Wesley USA2015-202240
Clayton Andrew Clayton Andrew USA2014-201911
Cotton Tyler Cotton Tyler USA2018-202230
Crowder Marcus Crowder Marcus USA2018-202110
Dawson Eric Cookie Monster Dawson Eric USA2015-202110
Faires Kevin Faires Kevin USA2016-202210
Fincher Jacob Fincher Jacob USA2017-201930
Fisher Justin Fisher Justin USA2016-201820
Fletcher Brian Fletcher Brian USA2016-201810
Furrh Jon Furrh Jon USA2019-201910
Graham Stuart Graham Stuart GBR2021-202110
Hadge Nick Hadge Nick USA2016-201820
Hadge Zach Hadge Zach USA2015-201810
Hayes Sean Hayes Sean CAN2021-202110
Kopp Alexander Kopp Alexander USA2019-202110
Kordiyaka Pavlo Kordiyaka Pavlo UKR2017-202111
Mitchell Trey Mitchell Trey USA2016-202221
Remick Spenser Remick Spenser USA2015-202130
Reynolds Josh Reynolds Josh USA2017-201910
Richardson Luke Richardson Luke GBR2019-202111
Singleton Evan T-Rex Singleton Evan USA2018-202210
Thompson Bobby The American Nightmare Thompson Bobby USA2018-202210
Wheat Nick Wheat Nick USA2019-201910
Witt Drew Witt Drew USA2019-201910