Shaw Classic

# of Contests: 4
Years: 2020-2024

All Shaw Classic Competitions
Date Contest Div. Location 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2023-08-20 2023 Shaw ClassicOpen Loveland, Colorado Brian Shaw Mitchell Hooper Tom Stoltman
2022-08-14 2022 Shaw ClassicOpen Loveland, Colorado Trey Mitchell Brian Shaw Mitchell Hooper
2021-08-28 2021 Shaw ClassicOpen Estes Park, Colorado Trey Mitchell Brian Shaw Jean-François Caron
2020-12-12 2020 Shaw ClassicOpen Estes Park, Colorado Brian Shaw Jean-François Caron Oleksii Novikov

All Shaw Classic Athletes
Search Name Last Name First Name Country Active Appearances Wins
Bilton Gavin Bilton Gavin GBR2019-202410
Bishop Adam Bishop Adam GBR2014-202430
Boudreault Maxime Boudreault Maxime CAN2013-202440
Caron Jean-François Caron Jean-François CAN2007-202320
Evans Thomas Evans Thomas USA2021-202410
Faires Kevin Faires Kevin USA2016-202440
Hicks Graham Hixxy Hicks Graham GBR2012-202410
Hollands Terry Big Tel Hollands Terry GBR2005-202110
Hooper Mitchell The Moose Hooper Mitchell CAN2022-202420
Janashia Konstantine Georgian Bull Janashia Konstantine GEO2011-202420
Mitchell Trey Mitchell Trey USA2016-202442
Novikov Oleksii Novikov Oleksii UKR2016-202430
Pena Gabriel Peña Gabriel MEX2016-202420
Pritchett Jerry Iron Outlaw Pritchett Jerry USA2010-202230
Rheaume Gabriel Rhéaume Gabriel CAN2018-202320
Savickas Zydrunas Big Z Savickas Žydrūnas LTU1996-202220
Shaw Brian Shaw Brian USA2007-202342
Shivlyakov Mikhail Shivlyakov Mikhail RUS2011-202110
Singleton Evan T-Rex Singleton Evan USA2018-202430
Smaukstelis Aivars Šmaukstelis Aivars LAT2014-202430
Stoltman Luke The Highland Oak Stoltman Luke GBR2013-202430
Stoltman Tom The Albatross Stoltman Tom GBR2016-202410
Thompson Bobby The American Nightmare Thompson Bobby USA2018-202430