Africa's Strongest Man

# of Contests: 3
Years: 2019-2021

All Africa's Strongest Man Competitions
Date Contest Location 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2021-11-28 2021 Africa's Strongest ManMossel Bay, South Africa Thobelani Mabaso Jaco Schoonwinkel Ben Bucarizza
2020-12-06 2020 Africa's Strongest ManRustenburg, South Africa Dean Shelley Chris van der Linde Tristen O'Brien
2019-11-24 2019 Africa's Strongest ManSouth Africa Chris van der Linde Tristen O'Brien Kelin Mills

All Africa's Strongest Man Athletes
Search Name Last Name First Name Country Active Appearances Wins
Ampofo Victor Ampofo Victor GHA2021-202110
Bosman Terence Bosman Terence RSA2019-202120
Bucarizza Ben Bucarizza Ben RSA2021-202110
Crament Richie Crament Richie RSA2020-202010
Mabaso Thobelani Mabaso Thobelani RSA2021-202111
Mills Kelin Mills Kelin RSA2019-201910
O'Brien Tristen O'Brien Tristen RSA2013-202020
Poolman Greg Poolman Greg RSA2021-202110
Schoonwinkel Jaco Schoonwinkel Jaco RSA2020-202120
Shelley Dean Shelley Dean RSA2019-202131
Sweeney Andre Sweeney Andre RSA2010-202010
van der Linde Chris The Ox van der Linde Chris RSA2019-202131