Clash Strongman Pro Series

# of Contests: 4
Years: 2021-2022

All Clash Strongman Pro Series Competitions
Date Contest Div. Location 1st Place
2022-04-24 2022 Clash on the CoastU82 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Melissa Peacock
2022-04-24 2022 Clash on the CoastU105 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Isaac Maze
2021-05-02 2021 Clash on the CoastU105 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Nicolas Cambi
2021-04-30 2021 American Log Press Record BreakerOpen Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Bobby Thompson

All Clash Strongman Pro Series Athletes
Search Name Last Name First Name Country Active Appearances Wins
Baez José Baez José USA2019-202110
Beebe Victor Beebe Victor USA2021-202110
Belliveau Samantha Belliveau Samantha CAN2021-202410
Cambi Nicolas Cambi Nicolas USA2015-202411
Congdon Michael Congdon Michael USA2017-202210
Cotton Tyler Cotton Tyler USA2018-202310
de Berdt Romilly Laura de Berdt Romilly Laura CAN2022-202310
Donaldson Jordan Donaldson Jordan USA2016-202210
Eisele Joshua Eisele Joshua USA2018-202110
Hein Nicholas Hein Nicholas USA2021-202310
Herrick Luke Herrick Luke USA2015-202110
Hughes Dan Hughes Dan USA2021-202320
Kennedy Jodi Kennedy Jodi USA2019-202210
Lorch Rebecca Lorch Rebecca USA2020-202210
Loy Justin Loy Justin USA2021-202210
Maze Isaac Maze Isaac CAN2017-202321
McKeegan Matthew McKeegan Matthew IRL2021-202310
Mitchell Jessica Mitchell Jessica USA2022-202310
Mitchell Trey Mitchell Trey USA2016-202410
Mock Andrew Mock Andrew USA2019-202110
Moczygemba Richard Moczygemba Richard USA2019-202220
Nelson Jesse Nelson Jesse USA2022-202210
O'Connor Mike O'Connor Mike USA2022-202210
Peacock Melissa Peacock Melissa CAN2018-202411
Saxton Ryan Saxton Ryan USA2021-202110
Schumaker Shawn Schumaker Shawn USA2018-202110
Schwantz Bob Schwantz Bob USA2022-202210
Sharp Tommy Sharp Tommy USA2017-202210
Stowers Nadia Stowers Nadia USA2019-202410
Thompson Bobby The American Nightmare Thompson Bobby USA2018-202411
Tompkins Reed Tompkins Reed USA2016-202310
Walklet Erin Walklet Erin USA2018-202210
Young Tyler Young Tyler USA2021-202220